Here at Otree, we place education as a powerful tool in today’s technology-driven and fast-paced world. We believe in creating a world where everyone has access to knowledge and learning. We want to provide opportunities, which everyone can gain through education. 

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We have a wide range of Higher National Diploma (HND) and Higher National Certificate (HNC) Courses for you to study and further your education. Many of our subject courses are a great access course onto higher education such a degree.

If you are looking for further educational development and to enhance your future educational and career prospects then take a look at our range of courses below. There are a number of different subjects that we provide courses for and all come with the appropriate training, teaching and information you require to be successful

Health & Safety Certificties

NEBOSH National Certificate in Construction Health and Safety
NEBOSH Technical Oil & Gas Certificate
NEBOSH National General Certificate
NEBOSH International General (IG)
NEBOSH National General (NG)
NEBOSH International Fire Cert
NEBOSH National Fire Certificate
NEBOSH International Construction Cert
NEBOSH National Construction Cert
NEBOSH Health & Well-being Cert
NEBOSH Environmental Certificate

Oil and Gas Training



Oil and Gas Engineering

  • Oil and Gas Exploration
  • Field Development Plan
  • Reservoir Engineering
  • Development Drilling
  • Casing and Tubing Design 
  • Drilling fluid
  • Directional and horizontal drilling
  • Oil and Gas wells Completion
  • Oil and Gas Wells workover
  • Safety and Environment in offshore and onshore drilling operation, response emergency plan set up.
  • Risk management and risk analysis
  • Decision tree and risks identification   
  • Artificial Left Technology
  • Production Operation
  • Oil and Gas transportation
  • Oil and Gas Storage.
  • Refinery technology
  • Corrosion and equipment protection
  • Oil and Gas chemistry
  • Environment

Management Courses

  • Change management
  • Strategic management
  • Supply chain management.
  • Modern Management
  • Oil and Gas Operation management
  • Marketing
  • HR management
  • Oil and Gas fields’ safety and Security management.
  • Renewable energy


Safety, Security and Loss Prevention

  • Role of the security manager, Criminology, offenders and crime prevention theory, Key legislation, Risk management, Crime management and prevention, Security and working with human resources, Supply chain security, Security technology, Preventing customer and supplier theft, Preventing burglary, robbery and fraud, Designing a security/crime reduction initiative, Writing effective security reports, Adding value through security,

    Use of PocketBook and Continuity of Evidence CCTV PSS






Oil and Gas Consultancy Services

Provide consultancy in the following services

  • Drilling Engineering
  • Drilling Operation
  • Reservoir Engineering
  • Production Engineering
  • Production operation
  • Corrosion and Equipment protection
  • Oil and Gas Safety and Environment 



  • Optimizing Equipment Maintenance and Replacement Decisions 
  • Fundamentals of Asset Management 
  • Practical Pump and Valve Technology 
  • Modern Maintenance Technologies 
  • Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer in Industrial Applications 
  • Troubleshooting Process Operation 
  •  Machinery Failure, Vibration, and Predictive Maintenance 
  • Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer in Industrial Applications 



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